Take Your Power Back &

Unleash your Inner Spiritual Warrior!

Discover the Power of Spiritual Self-Defence with Our Exclusive 6 Week Online Course:

Wield Your Shield- Protective Strategies for Witches & Spiritual Warriors.

  • Master Cleansing and Protection Techniques to

    stop feeling drained, overwhelmed or anxious. Especially in crowded or intense environments.

  • Activate Your Inner Power & increase your ability to manifest money, relationships & all you desire.

  • Develop Personalised Spiritual Practices and Rituals to raise your vibration & improve your life on all levels

  • Enhance your Intuition and Spiritual Badassery resulting in psychic development, better decisions & self empowerment

  • Gain greater control of emotions, thoughts & energy. Fantastic for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Become a Black Belt in Spiritual Self Defence & Make 2024 the Year of Self Empowerment

In less than 2 months, I’ll teach you how to get your energy in tip-top shape, raise your vibration & protect yourself from harmful energy and attacks.

  • Gain empowering knowledge and skills in spiritual self-defence and hygiene, boosting your control over your spiritual environment. Learn to shield against negative energies and psychic attacks, enhancing daily life and deepening magickal practices, ultimately fostering spiritual sovereignty.

  • Master diverse cleansing and protection techniques using herbs, crystals, and chants. You'll learn to cleanse spaces, objects, and yourself, building a strong spiritual hygiene routine. Plus, craft and charge your own protective amulets and talismans, tailored to your unique needs and beliefs.

  • Develop your own spiritual practices and rituals, tailoring what you learn to your unique needs and situations. Create personal spells for magickal defence, guided by ethical principles that align with your values. This approach helps you build a deeply meaningful and effective spiritual practice.

Pillar 1- Foundations of Spiritual Hygiene

  • Understand the Crucial Role of Spiritual Hygiene & Self-Defence: Discover what spiritual hygiene truly means and why it's pivotal in your daily life and magickal practices.

  • Demystifying Curses and Attacks: Are curses, psychic attacks, and possessions real? Learn how to identify if you've been targeted and understand the symptoms.

  • Mastering Energy: Learn to sense, read, and cleanse your aura and energy. Dive into essential skills like visualisation, energy manipulation, and grounding techniques.

Pillar 2 - Art of Cleansing & Protecting

  • Deep Dive into Spiritual Hygiene Theory & Practices: Understand and implement various levels and practices of spiritual hygiene.

  • Building Your Daily Spiritual Routine: Learn techniques for cleansing spaces, objects, and yourself with herbs, crystals, chants and more. Plus, integrate simple practices into your daily life.

  • Fortifying Your Psychic Defence:

    Discover the importance of psychic shields and other forms of protection. Learn preventative and immediate actions for psychic attacks. some stuff

Pillar 3- Secrets of Magical Self Defence

  • Explore Magickal Self-Defence: Understand the theory, techniques, and ethical considerations. Learn about defensive and offensive magick as well as creating protective amulets and talismans.

  • Crafting Your Personal Spells and Rituals: Be guided in adapting techniques to fit your unique needs and situations.

  • Creating Amulets & Talismans: Learn the elements of powerful protective, magickal objects and how to craft your own.

Your Journey Includes:

  • Weekly Live Classes & Q&A Sessions: Live 90min Zoom classes to deepen your understanding & answer questions -$1200 Value

  • Bonus Classes with Special Guests: Learn from renowned expert speakers, Trainers and Authors - $750 Value

  • Community Forum: A space to connect, share experiences, and grow with fellow spiritual seekers - $340 Value

  • Weekly Activities: Practical hands-on exercises to apply and reinforce your learning - $900 Value

  • Daily Feedback and Reflection: Regular opportunities to track and celebrate your spiritual growth - $3600 Value

  • 15min per week of messenger support: Personal 1:1 support to help with any pressing issues - $900 Value

  • Student Portal: Lifetime access to lessons and replays of classes. Catch up on missed classes and review lessons anytime. Access future updates & new content -$997 Value

  • Flexible Learning: Tailored to your unique journey, with ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of this course. -Priceless!

  • BONUS #1: Digital Workbook to compliment your learnings - $97 Value

  • BONUS #2: Witch Fire Activation: Usually reserved my 12month Initiation Students. Activate the source of your power as a Witch and greatly amplify your Magick, intuition & healing abilities - $397 Value

  • BONUS #3: MP3 guided rituals and activations to walk you through the more complex processes and swap unhelpful beliefs for healthy, empowering ones -$397 Value

    PAY IN FULL BONUS: Private 1:1 Session with Priestess Alissandra Raven-Moon - $597 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $10,175usd


Monthly & Weekly Payment Plans Available


  • Extended from 6weeks to 10 weeks

  • New Pillar Added: Personal Empowerment

  • Two new modules added: Recover from People Pleasing

    + Self Love & Confidence

Who is Alissandra?

Alissandra is a Spiritual Revolutionary, here to pioneer the reclamation of the Divine Feminine and fulfil her mission to create major change in the world, by empowering, educating & reconnecting humans to nature. A Priestess, Emotional Alchemist, Soul Coach and Mentor for Witches, Alissandra is obsessed with personal & Spiritual development and extremely passionate about protecting animals.

An empath of the highest degree, Alissandra holds great compassion for your feelings and personal journey, while supporting you to step up and access your own intuition, power & inner wisdom.  Her work will lead you to access your magick and soul/Divine spark directly, so you can claim your power, discover your souls purpose and live your highest potential.

In working with her, you will destroy outdated paradigms and belief systems that have prevented you from becoming the best version of yourself and from receiving what you really desire.

Being “different” and having various psychic abilities, resulted in an extremely difficult life from a very young age, for Alissandra. After 20 years of being stuck in the cycle of trauma, bullying, pain, abuse, victimhood, lack and self betrayal, Alissandra developed what is now known as the RAVENS Method™, a way to not only overcome it all, but to heal and create a life of fulfilment, purpose, magick and success.

Now using her abilities, knowledge and hard learned lessons to help other devoted, spiritual women & men to heal and empower themselves, in order to escape their pain, break free from trauma, achieve their dreams and live a deeply fulfilling, truly happy life! (without the trial and error or long, arduous journey)

With over 25 years experience as a practicing Witch and a ridiculous number and range of qualifications, Alissandra is the real deal! She continues to study hard & is obsessed with personal & spiritual development. Running Raven Moon Academy and regularly collaborating with other incredible experts, she is on a mission to reconnect people with their souls and make the world a better place.

Alissandra is a proud official supporter of Animals Australia and Edgar's Mission. Raven Moon Academy also supports various other Animal Rescues and Welfare organisations

Phone : 0481252707

Address : Primbee NSW Australia